How We Innovate

For more than a decade, we have employed a suite of internally-developed, as well as industry standard management control systems that serve as the cornerstone of our success: SCIMITAR.

Tracking And

Through this innovative control system, NSC has been able to perform and deliver at the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Thanks to SCIMITAR, we have consistently met and exceeded customer expectations, never missing a deadline or schedule commitment.

It starts with a detailed estimate and progresses into our man-hour tracking system. The tracking system feeds into our schedule, which ties into our budgets and job cost control systems, enabling our customers to track progress, updates and gain a real-time snapshot into the construction process and progress.

SCIMITAR separates NSC from the proverbial crowd by incorporating safety, quality assurance, construction engineering, stability engineering and value engineering within our estimate and proposal. We also integrate SCIMITAR into our contracts to ensure the highest safety, quality assurance and schedule performance to meet and exceed client expectations.

Who We Serve

National Steel City Projects Past and Present

Judge us by our projects and the company we keep. NSC has completed hundreds of projects over the years. Here’s an overview of our current as well as a collection of past projects.

NSC is involved in construction projects across the U.S.

These include:

Power Plants
Steel Mills
Airports/Aero Facilities
Convention Centers
Arenas and Events Centers
Sports Facilities
Commercial Projects