We at NSC wish you and you and your family a safe and happy Holiday!

Here are 10 tips to protect your home during the holidays.

All the carols tell us that this is “the most wonderful time of the year!” But a lot can go
wrong over the holidays.

This infographic from Iron Security advises us to be aware of safety hazards such as frayed electrical cords; be aware that holiday theft – either from our homes or of delivered packages from porches – is an issue; and to be safe when doing things like frying turkeys or burning holiday candles.

Holiday Theft

Theft, overall, tends to rise in the months of November and December. Secure everything you can. Lock your home and vehicles.

Leaves the Lights On

Thieves usually avoid homes that look occupied. Leave outside lights on at night or use a timer. Leave some interior lights on during the day.

Package Delivery

As online shopping increases, so do package thefts. Request signature requirements or ask a neighbor to bring your packages inside.

Cooking Hazards

Use deep fryers (the large kind that turkey are cooked in) outside to avoid fire risk.

Decoration Hazards

Avoid Christmas tree fires by keeping living trees watered and by checking lights for cracks and other damage.

Creative Disposal

Breakdown and cut up (if necessary) large boxes so that they fit in your trash or recycle bin. This will both ensure your garbage/recycling is picked up and will help prevent would-be thieves from knowing what kind of large-ticket items you purchased.

Social Media

Be discreet when it comes to social media. Do not post about vacation plans, your current location (if away from home), or about the gifts you’ve received.


Don’t share travel plans publicly until you are back home.

Decorations & Lighting

Do not run extension cords (or other cords) through windows or doors. Resulting damage can be a fire hazard.

Who’s at the Door

Beware of people posing as delivery people and other service providers.

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