SAWHORSE = 360-degree safety

NSC’s Safety Record:

  • Five-times Lower OSHA Recordable Incident Rate than the industry average
  • Extremely competitive EMR, TRIR
  • One of the Industry’s lowest DART rates
  • FDR Safety – safety best practices and guidance in a continuum

At NSC, safety is a core company value and a commitment to our customers and employees that is practiced on all projects. At the heart of our safety program is SAWHORSE, our official safety awareness initiative designed to help foster a culture of safety throughout the company, from employee performance and conduct on project sites to recreational activities and performing basic tasks at home.

SAWHORSE ensures all NSC employees are knowledgeable and practice a safe way of life. There is a reason our OSHA Recordable Incident Rate is approximately FIVE times lower than the average contractor in the steel erection business. To maintain the safest jobsites for our employees, we review client safety rules and procedures and evaluate them against our corporate standards to ensure all site-specific work conditions and hazards are addressed in our safety plans.

All site-specific rules, procedures and hazards are communicated to all employees during site orientation, daily toolbox safety meetings, and weekly foreman and project-wide mass safety meetings.

Through NSC’s SAWHORSE program, employees are educated on how to embrace safety best practices wherever they may be: on a project site, at home, in the office, or perhaps in recreational activities, to ensure safety remains number one and top-of-mind for all employees, all the time.

Highly competitive EMR

Another important component demonstrating our commitment to excellence in safety is our Experience Modification Rate (EMR). A laser-like focus on continuous safety improvement has helped us maintain an extremely competitive EMR.

A low EMR allows us to have a lower cost for Workers Compensation insurance and thus a more competitive price to our clients. In the event of an Owners Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP), our EMR demonstrates that we will likely have a lower overall cost to the Owner with our presence on the site.


NSC has maintained an outstanding safety track record through a long-term alliance with premier safety consulting firm, FDRsafety. With approximately 25 years of OSHA experience, FDRsafety President Jim Stanley rose to the position of Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor in the United States government’s Department of Labor.

Mr. Stanley and FDRsafety regularly consult with the company on both our overall corporate safety program and projects, providing advice, counsel and training for all managers and supervisors.In addition, FDRsafety conducts regular independent site audits of all projects. Mr. Stanley has counseled the company’s senior managers, presented at company meetings and submitted safety material for company publications.

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