Our Company

Dedicated to safely delivering quality-driven construction and maintenance services to our customers across all industrial sectors, NSC has ranked among ENR’s top 300 specialty contractors for nearly two decades. Since our establishment in 1912 through our legacy brands, we have self-performed structural steel, mechanical equipment, and process pipe work in the power, pulp and paper, chemical, mining and metals, automotive, and manufacturing markets. We are committed to meeting all project goals through the implementation of our proprietary project planning, execution, tracking, and reporting system. This system leverages the industry’s leading though on Advanced Work Packaging (AWP), Diversity & Inclusion, and Health & Wellness, while capitalizing on our century of experience constructing and maintaining industrial facilities. Let us show you how our experienced teams can add value to your CAPEX programs and operating plants.

Our History

Combined Operating Experience of 183 Years


NSC Origins

NSC originally founded in 1912 as General Riggers and Erectors in Detroit, MI primarily servicing large commercial projects and automotive and manufacturing clientele


Steel City Erecting Origins

Steel City Erecting was founded in 1943 in Birmingham, AL. Equipped with expertise in complex logistic, rigging and erecting solutions, quickly found a niche in the power and industrial markets along the Gulf Coast.



National Constructors (rebranded GRE) acquires Steel City Erecting, forming NSC


National Steel City, LLC

Through our combined strengths, NSC now services the most demanding of projects Nationwide, and across a diverse sector of markets.


NSC’s quality-driven services begin with a commitment to attract and develop a qualified, skilled workforce of professional craft workers and continues with an intense focus on adherence to the industry’s highest quality standards.

NSC has a proven Workforce Development program to attract highly-skilled professional craft workers, including riggers, ironworkers, pipefitters, millwrights, carpenters, welders, operators, and maintenance technicians.

NSC leverages DOL-approved apprenticeship training programs to develop the next generation of workers.

NSC self-performs rigging, ductwork, structural steel, mechanical equipment, process pipe, welding, and general mechanical maintenance to ensure the quality meets our standards.

We have extensive experience in welding high alloy systems, and stand ready to meet our customer’s quality demands by employing certified welders, industry leading QA/QC Management and Field Inspectors, as well as third-party testing (NDE) and post-weld heat treating (PWHT) providers.

NSC is proud to be recognized as an AISC Certified Advanced Steel Erector.


NSC holds ASME R, S, and U stamps


NSC guarantees predictability on our projects through the implementation of our proprietary project execution program. For more than a decade, we have employed this suite in internally-developed, as well as industry leading management control systems that serve as the cornerstone of our success:

Through this innovative control system, NSC has been able to perform and deliver at the highest level of customer service and satisfaction, never missing a deadline, schedule, or budget commitment.

Beginning with a detailed work plan, we generate an estimate and schedule broken down to the crew level. We use this detail to create two-week work packages by crew. This granular level of planning allows us to track and report at the same level, enhancing our ability to ensure predictability on time and budget.

SCIMITAR is the strategic advantage of NSC incorporating safety, quality assurance, construction engineering, stability engineering, and value engineering within our estimate, proposal, and work plan.

Diversity & Inclusion

To achieve the greatest level of engagement from our people, they must feel included and valued. We strive to foster a workplace culture where inclusiveness is a reflex, not compliance with a program. We have proven that when there is a deep sense of pride, passion and belonging on our work sites, we deliver better results. 

Our greatest ideas and innovations come from a diverse mix of minds, backgrounds and experiences.  NSC provides equal opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment and advancement.

Attracting and Retaining a Diverse and Inclusive Craft Workforce and Management Team

NSC’s DOL-approved apprenticeship programs are designed to attract a diverse mix of people into the craft workforce, providing outstanding skill development opportunities, mentorship in the field, and immersion in our inclusive and supportive culture. With a majority of our work being self-performed, NSC has a history of approximately 25% of direct hire craft being from a class of minority or identifying as a woman. The diversity of NSC’s management team reflects its local markets, representing a broad combination of experiences and capabilities.

Developing Diverse Business Suppliers and Subcontractors

NSC engages with diversity sponsorship and certification programs to attract a broad mix of qualified suppliers and subcontractors.  We work closely with their ownership to develop them into strategic business partners, contributing to their growth and expansion.  Examples of our strategic partners include Scaffolding, Insulation, and Painting subcontractors, Steel Fabricators, Small Tools vendors, and Consumables suppliers.  Examples include:

  • D2 Industrial
  • Liberty Steel
  • Alabama Industrial
  • Penn Tool

We participate frequently in Mentor/Mentee focused conferences and events that allow us to network with those resources in the community who represent minority and woman owned entities.

We stand open and ready to execute these alliances with WBE and MBE firms, as well as veteran owned companies and small businesses.