Washington D.C. Convention Center

Washington Convention Center

Project: Washington D.C. Convention Center

Project Description: The footprint for this massive project occupies seventeen acres on six city blocks. There are more than 1,400 trusses ranging in length from 90 feet to 180 feet. The convention center covers 2.3 million square feet, including one exhibit hall measuring 180 feet by 720 feet of clear-span space.

With five stories above ground and 77 feet below grade, this project is exceptional in scale and profile. NSC coordinated the efforts of 15 detailing shops to create more than 19,000 drawings for the project. Oversized steel had to be shipped in from a marshalling yard 20 miles away at night.

NSC’s scope of work included erecting seven blocks of viaducts for three different streets. Even with the enormity of the project and numerous obstacles, the structural steel was completed on time.

Owner: District of Columbia Convention Center Authority

Tons: 45,000

Location: Washington, D.C.