Bowen Steam Plant Dry Ash & Bottom Ash Handling

Scope included approximately 3,000 Tons of Structural Steel, (3) RSCC drag chains with hoppers, associated pumps and tanks, as well as approximately 43,000 LF of pipe. Scope is defined in more detail as below.

Dry/Fly Ash handling scope:

  • Structural steel for vessels
  • Collector Vessels & Dense Phase Vessels with load cells
  • Vacuum Blowers
  • Interconnecting pipe between precipitators, vacuum blowers, and storage silos.

Bottom Ash handling scope:

  • (3) Trains of Remote Submerged Chain Conveyors (RSCC) including precision alignment and welding conveyor sections.
  • Support steel for RSCC conveyors and all miscellaneous steel platforms and walkways.
  • RSCC hopper modules to the conveyors.
  • Modularization and installation of pipe rack sections loaded with pipe for bottom ash transport systems.
  • Overflow Tanks and associated steel/platforms.
  • HP, LP, & Sludge pumps
  • Interconnected piping at Surge Tank Island
  • Bottom Ash piping to the Units for Tie-ins.
  • System Tie-ins during outage.