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Power & Industrial

NSC is a Prime Mechanical Contractor providing turn-key project delivery to our Power & Industrial clients. Our self-perform expertise and core services are utilized across a diverse set of market sectors.

Core Services

CraneRigging & Erecting
PumpProcess Equipment
IBeamStructural Steel
KeyTurn-Key Prime Mechanical Contractor
Toolbox and ClockOutages
Pip and valveProcess Piping

Rigging & Erecting

pipingWe provide the solutions to your rigging and erecting needs that make the difficult seam easy. From Heavy haul to the point of installation, We performed site analysis, understand the ground bearing pressure requirements, perform detailed load analysis, specify cranes and required matting, develop critical lift plans, and install or remove any component, steel, equipment, duct, piping, etc. We take pride in finding the safest, predictable, and cost effective solution to your needs.


Process Equipment

pipingWe provide all types of machinery and process equipment installation and relocation. Both rotating and static equipment of all types, including vessels, pumps, vacuum/blowers, material handling systems, overhead crane installation, etc. as well as renovating and maintenance of same. In many cases, equipment erection can and should be integrated with the structural steel erection, rest assured, we have you covered for both in order to provide you with overall project bundling and optimizing of equipment and general conditions.


Structural Steel

pipingDetailed structural erection narratives prior to beginning any project which consist of the needed plans to ensure the safest and most efficient means of construction are used to put each piece of steel in place, as well as a plan for safe access, and fall protection for each stage of construction. Our goal is to have a positive influence on both quality and safety culture at a facility or plant which lasts well after we demobilize from the site.

Our experience has included both "Greenfield" straight erection projects as well as complex retrofits of existing facilities and structures which require significant planning and stability engineering. Please see our project list for a description of projects.


Turn-Key Prime Mechanical

pipingWe can provide turn-key prime mechanical services to deliver your project on-time and within budget. We pride ourselves on our extensive self-perform offerings, and couple this with our core expert subcontractors in Electrical, Scaffolding, Coatings, and Insulation, among others, which seamlessly integrate into our project controls for a predictable project by every measure.



pipingWe understand that your planned outages are interruptions to your business operations, and we pride ourselves on our detailed approach to planning and executing of outages which has resulted in our never having missed a schedule commitment. We look forward to providing you with solutions to your next outage, whether it be planned or unplanned.


Process Piping

pipingNSC has self perform capabilities to fabricate and install utility and process systems of all material grades and schedules. We have extensive experience in welding high alloy piping and stand ready to meet your project's quality demands through employing certified welders, industry leading QA/QC Management & Field Inspectors, and third party testing (NDE) and post weld heat treating (PWHT) providers.


Commercial Steel

National Steel City is one of the the nation’s leading structural steel erectors. We pride ourselves on our history of success on large and complex projects.

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